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To Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MP Alex Ruff

Dear Sir,

We have met once at the Bayshore earlier this year before the virus, when I bitterly complained to you about not being able to buy MADE IN CANADA products. You listened to my rant with interest and an apparently open mind. While this is still very important to me and Canadian businesses, I am writing to you about a more urgent problem/disaster that has surfaced since and has finally been recognized nation wide , when your former comrades in arms were called to assist in under staffed Long Term Care Homes. Their report on conditions in these "Homes" is devastating and a NATIONAL DISGRACE!

I am deeply disappointed that this senior abuse file did not even rate casual mention on your paper report delivered by Canada Post, or your e-mail report. I hope that this omission was not intentional.

It is essential that these "homes" provide safe and caring conditions for those seniors that have lost the ability to speak/fight for themselves and correcting this national disgrace should be the top item of action of the presently sitting Parliament.

My question to you, Sir, is the following:

Will YOU, as my elected Member of Parliament, support transfer of Long Term Care Homes as well as Senior Home Care to the auspices of the Canada Health Act.

My reason for this request is simple.
Our seniors, that have helped build this country deserve no less.
This transfer would create nation wide , enforceable standards, no matter whether privately or publicly owned/operated homes.

With the greatest of respect,
Karl Braeker, Meaford
A senior of 91 that is still able to speak and FIGHT!!





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