InkQuinoxIIIOct6shortKaroke Night.

InkQuinoxIIIOct5shortDavid Robinson

saltandpepper- by Dennis Thompsett

To do this you snuck in and picked up dropped coins and spent money like a drunken sailor and then stayed after they shut down on the last night and signed up for Teardown. And walked away with a pocket full of cash. At least me and my brother did.

InkQuinoxIIIOct4shortDavid Robinson has the rhythm - now he's looking for the melody for October.

imagesWil- by Wil McReynolds

It's a sad day for many of us as we learn about the closing of Foto Art, a cornerstone in our community for 45 incredible years.

The recent flood was more than just water; it was a tide that has swept away a local institution that has been instrumental in so many of our lives. ...


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