InkQuinoxIIIOct11shortDavid Robinson continues his October InkQuinox series ...

InkQuinixIIIOct7shortDavid Robinson shares his third October InkQuinoxes....


On the hot dry days a week ago, a single leaf would let go and waft slowly to the ground dotting the green grass with yellow or red. The few times a breeze blew, a drizzle of leaves would be carried down, giving the impression of a quilt pattern on a green background. Most still held to the trees, scarlet sumac and yellow ash, red maple ...


stones- by Dennis Thompsett

Really? A stone beach is comfortable? You wouldn't think so, but it is. Lord. It is.

As an Owen Sound kid I was very familiar with warm sand beaches. Sauble, Port Elgin ( Exotic vacations), Leith and the little sandy beach at the bottom of The Long Stairs. My first stone beach was at Presqu'ile Rotary Camp.


Sometimes, a phrase in a presentation will snatch my attention away from the flow to focus on the phrase itself. This happened to me on Saturday when someone talked about “holding sacred space.”

The overall discussion mattered to me so I rejoined the flow fairly quickly, but I kept coming back to this idea of “holding space” ...



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