dunebench- by Jenna McGuire

This is why intact and healthy sand dunes are important. Some of the stunning Sauble beach sand has blown up town over a block in this case. This is because the dunes have either been taken out entirely or are only in a single strip of foredune with a lot of pedestrian traffic damage. ...


“Have there been any falls lately?” has been almost the first question every health professional asked my husband.

Until recently, the answer was always no. The absence of a fall was a good thing ...


Well being LogoThe Municipality of Meaford is now accepting applications for the Community Well-being Bursary Program. The Program provides funding to assist with development or enhancement of events, programs and services that support community well-being for residents of the Municipality of Meaford. Consistent annual funding of up to $4,000 per organization for the four-year term of Council is available for community groups and non-profit organizations. ...

drive thru 4A new tradition unfolds at Alexandra School this week as staff and students co-ordinate their Spring food drive “Eagles Take a Bite out of Hunger”. The addition of drive-thru events has proved very successful and bridged an important connection between the school and the community. Earlier this week students handed out flyers in their neighbourhood to spread the news about the upcoming  events. The enthusiasm from the children on Thursday morning was infectious, as the students from 5/6B waved


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