Openness and understanding, kindness and generosity – they're the foundations for building a viable and vibrant must-see destination. They allow visitors to feel at home, in our home. And they open the door for the hosts to be gracious and welcoming.

Sometimes we're uncomfortable in unfamiliar situations, tense perhaps, or anxious. There's a bit of a gap in communication, a distancing of the human connection that's necessary for visitors and their service providers to construct and maintain a long-term tourist destination.

A provincially funded regional tourism resource organization is offering guidance:


Training CGLCC LGBT RTO7Understanding different identities and fostering an inclusive environment is essential to being a safe, welcoming, and sought out organization.

Regional Tourism Organization 7 (RTO7) has partnered with Canada's LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce (CGLCC) to offer a free training course, An Introduction to LBGT+ Diversity and Inclusion.

This dynamic and comprehensive training provides information and resources to lay the groundwork for a more inclusive workplace that will attract 2SLGBTQ+ visitors and staff.

This 75 minute session will explore gender identities and sexual orientations, and outline the variety of ways people can identify. We will dismantle culturally constructed views of gender and outline the impact this can have on interactions with our guests, colleagues and community.

We will explore the significance of pronouns/prefixes and discuss what we can do if we use them incorrectly.

The presentation will wrap up with personal steps, identifying tangible ways participants can be more inclusive.

There will be an open discussion, activities and a Q&A allowing participants to ask questions and further explore some of the topics:

  • A clearer understanding of the acronym and terms in relation to 2SLGBTQ+
  • Confidence interacting with diverse clients and colleagues
  • Comfort navigating misgendering
  • A cultivated safer environment
  • Stronger connection with diverse clients, colleagues and community
  • Greater understanding and implementation of inclusive practices
  • Awareness and self management of conscious and unconscious bias


The training is open to all tourism business owners and operators and their staff in Bruce, Grey and Simcoe counties, including managers, full-time staff, part-time staff and seasonal employees.

This online course offers an opportunity to gain awareness and provide workers with information endorsed by a nationally-respected, not-for-profit organization – CGLCC.

It provides a strong introductory foundation for understanding LGBT+ identities. For more immersive training, CGLCC also offers industry-specific workshops for the tourism industry, of which this course is a pre-requisite.

Some quick facts about BruceGreySimcoe tourism:

  • In 2019, the three counties that comprise the region attracted an estimated 11.3 million visitors
  • Visitors to Bruce, Grey and Simcoe spent an estimated $1.7 billion in the region, on everything from food & beverage to accommodation to boating.  40% of the spending occurs July to September.
  • A recent study commissioned by RTO7, Bruce, Grey and Simcoe counties reported that in 2014, total employment in tourism-related industries within Region 7 was 34,104 jobs
  • BruceGreySimcoe has in excess of 25,000 accommodation rooms, including hotels, motels, camping and RV sites, commercial resorts, cabins and B&Bs
  • There are over 400 attractions across the region, and over 600 festival and event days each year
  • Over the past three years RTO7 has coordinated partnerships totaling $2.6 million in the development and promotion of tourism across the region

Regional Tourism Organization 7 (RTO7) provides strategic and collaborative leadership to build, sustain and grow tourism in Grey, Bruce amd Simcoe counties. We are one of 13 RTOs – independent, not-for-profit corporations – to which the Ontario government provides some $38 million in annual funding to lead tourism planning, marketing and development in their respective regions.

Diversity workshop


source: media release, Regional Tourism Organization 7




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