- by Wil McReynolds

My vision was to make AR (Augmented Reality) accessible to all – across the world!

This is a global map where every dot indicates someone who has either viewed or created an augmented reality experience using the software my team and I built!!

How crazy is this?!

KP9 logoAll the data states we are on the right road. Success does not happen overnight and we probably have another few years to see the rewards but dang it we will do whatever it takes to provide WorldCAST platform to the world.

The past decade at was about solving an upcoming problem, building the engine, and laying the foundation.

Learning to weather a storm – while creating others, especially over the past few years, has been the hardest thing we have had to do.

We are obviously not the only ones impacted by the past few years but where we don't have users – we have reach – and I know that for MANY of my fellow friends and family in this great area, this is why we stayed and didn't move to Barrie, Vancouver, San Jose, or a few other choices – because I knew we could weather the storm in the Sound that I call home.

My mission is to grow tech here – in Silicowen Sound – and I've been fighting hard for this so that we can do it.

I appreciate all that believe and that have invested in KP9 Interactive.

Thank you to everyone who  has supported us in this journey so that we can make that dream a reality.



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