The Owen Sound Transportation Company (OSTC) will once again be supporting the  Bluewater Regional Science and Technology Fair by hosting students from Grey and Bruce  Counties on the iconic MS Chi-Cheemaun on April 5th and 12th. This fair is held annually for  schools in Bruce and Grey Counties and reinforces the importance of STEM (Science,  Technology, Engineering and Math) education and training. 

The Chi-Cheemaun is in itself a marvel of science, technology and engineering, moving  passengers and freight daily between South Baymouth and Tobermory from May 5th through mid-October. A post-Covid renaissance appears to be in the works, with the May  4th Repositioning cruise selling out its 450 tickets in record time. 

The OSTC Award for marine navigation, which is given to the project with this topic as its  primary focus, is presented by OSTC. OSTC is happy to collaborate once more with the  many volunteers who help make the Bluewater Regional Science and Technology Fair a  success. 

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source: media release

photo credit: David Strutt




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