- by Melanie Knapp
Courage and harmony with friends! I spent September 27th preparing for the evening social event. I was getting ready for the Ginger Press Book Launch of my new book, 'After Hospital.. What's Next?' To say I was excited was an understatement. I was effervescent!
The book is full of information about building a meaningful life after spending some time in hospital helping mental health. There are artistic contributions from about ten people. I speak in a strong caring voice to encourage the reader! People may learn and grow from reading this book.
At the book launch at first it looked like I'd only have a couple people watching the presentation. I was a little discouraged and then thought 'well the show must go on'. In the last couple minutes a lot of people arrived. We had about 35 people in the audience.
I had three performers at the event. Victoria MacAleese played a couple of original upbeat pieces, Ruby Jean read a few lovely poems, and Gavan Menzies amused us with a piece about building your life on a steady base. All of these people read pieces they contributed to the booklet. The audience was appreciative of their fabulous talents!
I gave the audience just a taste from the book. People could buy copies to get a real feel for the content of the book. The book sold well and some people even bought copies of other books I had previously written.
I was shining by the end of the evening. It felt like the booklet would have some good homes to go to. It felt promising that the book would help some people. People seemed to understand that this special book is a breakthrough in the area of mental health.
Although it is a little tender to have my words read by an audience, it is also extraordinary. It's such a gratifying relief that I have portrayed some of the therapeutic ideas, themes and tools in a tangible form that I have been using and thinking about for so long.
You can pick up a copy of the book at the Ginger Press, The Bleeding Carrot or St. Andrew's Church. It is twenty dollars and most of the money goes back into printing more books.
There is a lot of information in this little book and it is written in a way that is fun to read as it describes some ways the reader can take steps to enhance their own wellness. It could be helpful for people that are simply interested in the subject of mental health and are looking for a greater understanding.
Sometimes people that feel their mental health is challenged have brave hearts. We can all enhance our mental health. Keep doing the next good thing for yourself!



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