great big crunchThe Great Big Crunch supports a healthy workplace.

On October 19, the Grey Bruce Health Unit is asking workplaces to promote nutrition awareness through The Great Big Crunch, where all employees come together to celebrate nutrition and workplace unity.

Most people may not know that their social and physical environment affect their eating behaviour. Foods available in the workplace have the potential to positively or negatively influence eating habits. On October 19, workplaces can draw attention to the food and beverage choices in their workplace by holding a shared nutrition break and taking a bite for better health.

The majority of working adults spend 60 per cent of their waking hours in their workplace, as well as at least one meal, making the workplace an important location to promote healthy eating.

Small changes such as eating regularly throughout the day, moving during breaks and taking a mental rest by eating away from the desk can improve health within the workplace. Workplaces can use the Creating a Healthy Workplace Nutrition Environment Toolkit to identify goals and make positive changes for employee wellness.

source: media release, Grey Bruce Health Unit


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