Grey Roots Museum & Archives is seeking your ideas towards a project to refresh the Grey County Gallery. With your input, our goal is to tell the Grey County story in new, meaningful ways, making the learning experience relevant to all.

We are now putting together a list of Grey County residents from our past  (living individuals are not eligible) who are inspiring and important; who have positively contributed to our community and made a lasting impact. All we need is a name, a location in Grey County, and a few sentences describing why you feel this person is a Grey County Community Pillar. You can submit anonymously if you like.

.Nominate an individual HERE.

Nominations have been extended until Monday October 16, 2017. Please submit nominations one individual at a time, and contact [email protected] with any questions.

Your time and input are greatly appreciated. Thank you for helping us improve the Grey County Gallery!

source: email from Grey Roots


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