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Don't let valuable pieces of our community heritage be sold at flea markets, lost or thrown away.

At Grey Roots Museum & Archives, part of our mandate is to collect material related to all aspects of the County's history, whether economic, agricultural, industrial, political or social. Grey Roots collects and preserves artefacts which relate to all time periods, municipalities, and cultures of Grey County's history. This collection is managed and preserved for future exhibition.

In order to meet our mandate, objects must help us to tell the stories of life in Grey County. Historical significance and condition are important criteria. Objects must be useful to the Grey Roots' exhibit, research, and educational activities. There's more information here, or to make an appointment to discuss a potential artefact donation, please contact Sim Salata, Collections Manager at 519-376-3690 ext. 6114 or by email. We are not restricted to any time period.

In addition to municipal records, our Archives also collects private papers, photographs, and records of local companies, clubs and other organizations. We even collect more modern material such as audio and videotapes.

If you are interested in contributing paper-based materials like books, letters, photos, maps to Grey Roots, please contact Archivist, Karin Noble by email, or 519-376-3690 ext. 6113.

source: Grey Roots website


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