- by Blaine Courtney

Just over 12 months ago I announced that 2017 would be my final year as chairman of the Owen Sound Emancipation Festival and invited interested parties to step forward to fill my role and those of several others who will also be retiring from their Board and Committee member responsibilities. I must admit to a degree of disappointment with the response. To date we have only had one volunteer step forward and she will be taking on a valuable fundraising role....thank-you Pat, welcome aboard.While fund raising is important there are many other areas which need to be addressed.
In 1862 the first Emancipation Picnic was held and as we prepare for the 156th anniversary in 2018 we must recognize the growth that has taken place with the addition of many more activities which now taken place through-out the entire year. These events are important to the responsibility the Festival group has taken on to ensure that our local Black history is shared, celebrated and preserved. The growth and continued success to fulfill these obligations requires a team of volunteers and new members are a must. The Festival will hold an open meeting at Grey Roots Sat. Nov. 4th starting at 2:30 PM. The agenda will address the need for new members to fill Board and Committee openings. The Board positions which need to be filled are Chairman, Treasurer , Special Events Co-ordinator and a Member at Large. We also need several more Committee members to assist with all of our activities. Discussion will take place to advise those interested as to the responsibilities each positions comes with.
Please plan to attend and take this opportunity to become part of the Festival's team.

Send your thoughts to [email protected] or [email protected]. Dorothy Abbott or I will respond to your e-mails.

It has been my privilege to have served in the Chairman's position for the last 7 years and I salute those who have been my friends and teammates during that time. I am also proud of our city and those who have supported our efforts with their expertise and funding. Hey team, we did good.


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