Lois Johnston is now a published author, but she needs some help to speed up her writing. We here at encourage everyone to write, so we are looking for a typewriter or computer for Lois.

Osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia make it painful for Lois to use her hands for any length of time, especially for writing, but she loves the craft and has more to say. She was one of the 29 contributors chosen through a writing contest to be part of Pawprints on the Heart, a new local anthology of animal storiies.

Lois wrote her story, “Me and Mommy”,  out in long hand, before transcribing it on the computers at the Library. In that slow process, she left out a little by accident, so she was delighted the story was still chosen.

“It is about how I found my best friend at the animal shelter. The story is written from the dog's point of view, as if she was telling the story. She is my saviour and protector and my little girl. She is German shepherd/ collie mix. Her name is Lola.”

Proceeds from the sale of the book, Pawprints on the Heart, will be donated to the Farley Foundation, which makes it possible for those who struggle financially to pay for veterinary care to continue their relationships with the pets that mean the world to them.

The first run of the book was sold out in less than a week, but a second printing is on the shelves now at the Ginger Press - a perfect gift for the holidays – your friend and a stranger and their companion in need of veterinary care will all be the happy recipients of your kindness.

If you have a computer (for simple word processing) or typewriter to offer to help an aspiring local author, please let us know at [email protected].




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