While you were looking for coats for the Winter Coat Giveaway did you find a bunch of other clothes that don't fit? The school community council at Alexandra Community School is willing to take all that stuff off your hands on November 18th.
The Council gets a small amount of money per pound of weight of material they donate, and any funds made go towards field trips, basket ball nets, new science equipment, new kindergarten learning tools and providing every student with an annual turkey dinner cooked by volunteer parents.
The Council gives all money back to the students. "Any request they make is discussed and we do what we can," said parent volunteer Emma Collier. "It's the first time we have tried this and we want to teach students about the value of community."
The school can only accept what is listed on the flyer below, and donations can be dropped at school between 12.30 and 2.30 on Saturday, November 18th, where parents and at least one of the teachers will be there to receive them. People can let the school know if they have donations, or let us know at [email protected], and we'll make sure they are picked up.alexandraclothing




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