-by Kelly Babcock

On Sunday, November 19 at 7:00PM folks will once again gather at the Kemble-Sarawak United church on the South/West corner of the main intersection in Kemble.

There is a tradition to be upheld, though admittedly, it is a young tradition. Twice a year for a few years now the local residents and those who have connections to the village of Kemble, strong or tenuous alike, have gathered together for entertainment and Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 11.42.37 AMfellowship with the idea that these gatherings coincide with opening and closing the cottage.

This time the show will begin with a children's time first. It will include a local children's choir, some poetry, and Lauren Best doing interactive songs.

Snacks will follow, after which the younger participants and audience members may go home, or not.

The second half of the evening features entertainment from Kelda Mikalson, Claire Baker, George Hiemstra, Kelly of Kemble, Danuta Valleau,  Melanie Knapp and Anne Finlay-Stewart.

If you're not busy "closing the cottage" at that particular time, the main point of this is to have an evening of calm before the craziness that the Christmas season can bring, an evening of calm and fun.

Admission is by your generous donation, which will be forwarded to Safe and Sound in the hopes that our calm and fun might be shared with others.



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