schoolbusAs students head back to school next week, we encourage all motorists and pedestrians to keep road safety top-of-mind as traffic around schools and playgrounds increases.

Crossing Guards will be at their posts and will be wearing masks this year. Remember to thank them and follow their directions as they work to keep you safe!

No Parking Zones
Vehicles can pull over momentarily to let children enter or exit the vehicle only.
Do not stop and wait for children to exit the school. Pull over momentarily only when children are waiting at the curbside and ready to enter the vehicle.
Drivers may not leave the vehicle unattended.

No Stopping Zones
Areas posted No Stopping mean NO STOPPING, even momentarily!

Tips for Motorists
Follow the speed limit – 40 km/h in and around schools.
Pay attention to Crossing Guards and look for student walkers.
Make complete stops at intersections.
Don’t run yellow lights.

Tips for Pedestrians
Pay attention and make eye contact.
Look for cars, bikes and other pedestrians.
Use maintained sidewalks.
Cross at controlled intersections with stop signs or traffic lights.
No jay walking.
Follow the instructions of the Crossing Guards.
Keeping our children safe is everyone’s priority, and to do this we must all obey the rules of the road. We wish everyone a safe and happy return to school.

source: media release, Municipality of Meaford


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