On Thursday, Dec. 1, a fire was reported at 308 John Street, Walkerton. This is a residential apartment building in Walkerton, operated by Bruce County Housing Corporation.

Local Brockton firefighters responded to the scene and extinguished the fire. A full evacuation took place of all 20 tenants in the building.

Bruce County supported tenants at the local community centre and is working with partner organizations on sheltering tenants and other immediate needs.

There have been no reported injuries. The building remains in the possession of emergency officials. 

Residents are asked to avoid attending the location at this time. 

Tenants, family members, and supports can contact 1-800-265-3022 to inquire about further information.

Bruce County wishes to thank Bruce County Paramedic Services and Corporate Services, the OPP, the Municipality of Brockton, and the volunteer fire departments for their efforts.

Staff from Bruce County’s Facilities team will work on building remediation and Human Services staff are serving tenants' immediate needs. 

source: media release, Bruce County




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