Direct descendants and community friends

On Wednesday Feb. 1 – the first day of Black History Month – a delegation representing direct descendants and community friends of Negro Creek will attend Chatsworth Township Council and call for them to establish a large permanent stone monument with an inscription composed through the collaboration of council, direct descendants and community friends which outlines the history of the Black settlement of the Negro Creek area.

Descendants Carolynn Wilson and Rob Green, as well as Ben Heywood-MacLeod, will speak on the significance of honouring and preserving the vibrant Black history of Negro Creek on Treaty 45 1/2 territory. They'll  also deliver a petition with over 800 signatures.

28 years ago, a large delegation of descendants and neighbours of Negro Creek (as well as a contingent from the Saugeen Ojibway Nation) filled council chambers to protect the road name and thus its history.

"With the Negro Creek road signs so often stolen - most recently last Tuesday - it's time the area's Black history had a proper monument," said Heywood-MacLeod.






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