Bruce County’s Community Development program, Spruce the Bruce, is now open for applications. The program provides grant funding to maintain and grow local downtown businesses and communities. Applications can be submitted online at

Grants available for commercial properties located within downtown cores:

  • Façade Building Improvement
  • Fascia Signage
  • Perpendicular Signage
  • Awning
  • Patio Installation 
  • Community Marketing 

Note: Properties must be located within a downtown Community Improvement Project Area (CIPA) identified in an active Community Improvement Plan (CIP).

Grants available for eligible communities, community partners, and not-for-profit and charitable organizations serving tourists: 

  • Community Marketing
  • Streetscape Beautification
  • Community Signage
  • Destination Infrastructure and Active Transportation. 

Note: Communities must have a community brand toolkit in place to be eligible.

In addition, eligible businesses and properties within the Municipality of Brockton can apply to the following grants*: 

  • Agri-food Innovation
  • Business Accessibility Adaptability
  • Product and Experience Development 
  • Residential Improvement

“Bruce County’s Spruce the Bruce program supports our local businesses, municipalities and community partners by strengthening our downtowns and investing in our communities,” says Bruce County Warden Chris Peabody. “By revitalizing downtown streets and public spaces and experiences, together we are creating more lively and vibrant communities, which increases visitation and local spending.” 

Funding is available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and Bruce County will fund 50% of the total project cost (before taxes) up to a set maximum amount per grant. Properties that have received Spruce the Bruce funding in past years may be eligible for funding in 2023 for different projects.

Bruce County is invested in our local and future residents, businesses and communities. The Spruce the Bruce program helps to build healthy and vibrant communities by offering resources to maintain and grow commercial areas and public experiences. 

Learn more and apply today.

Interested applicants can contact Lindsey Glazier, Business Development Coordinator, to discuss their project ideas and eligibility. 

*Brockton Council endorsed an updated Municipal-wide CIP in 2022 providing policy for additional grants to be awarded. In 2023, Bruce County is supporting municipalities in updating their CIPs, which will allow their eligible businesses access to these four specific grants.

source: media release, Bruce County

image: Bruce County Facebook




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