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Monika Brauer, founder of the recently formed Neighbours Against Drugs and Crime Action Group, has spent another busy weekend.
The Owen Sound Police (OSPS) were back in her 11th St and 3rd Ave East neighbourhood – this time for a reported stabbing. Her petition requesting city attention to the risks in the neighbourhood and the group's Facebook page are gaining support.
"I have been contacted by the Chief of OSPS and a fellow group member and I will be attending a meeting with them this week in hopes of coming up with some strategies," Brauer reports. "At least our police force recognized that we have a problem in this city and took the first step to contact us to get our perspective."
Mayor Ian Boddy called Brauer Monday to ask the group to make a deputation to City Council at their September 25th meeting. The meeting at 7 p.m. at the Harry Lumley Bayshore Community Centre is open to the public and broadcast on Rogers.
"Is this group to help with the whole city or just one neighbourhood?" enquired one woman on the Facebook page. Brauer replied that while there is an urgent concern about her immediate neighbourhood, she encourages participation from anyone because everyone in the city is potentially impacted. The cost of police and fire services is borne by all taxpayers, including tenants. Public safety is an issue because burglaries, break and enters and thefts from vehicles anywhere in the city are the types of crimes of opportunity committed by people, sometimes already under the influence, looking for quick cash for drugs.
A small group of neighbourhood home and business owners will be meeting Tuesday with Brauer after the Police meeting to determine their next steps.

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