The "Run Jane Run" project began with a mission of supporting women running for election in their communities here in Grey and Bruce counties. Our first school - in the fall of 2013 - was a resounding success, and several of our "graduates" won seats in their local governments the following year.
Although they are often significant volunteers and leaders in their communities, women are still under-represented in local government. While men often see public office as a very natural and inevitable part of their contribution to their community, women overwhelmingly get involved in politics only when they are asked and encouraged to do so.
Next year - 2018 - is a municipal election year in Ontario.
With that in mind, we have organized - once again - a Municipal Campaign School for Women in Grey and Bruce counties: to support and encourage women who might be willing to take that step into local government next year.
Be her or support her!
We have organized a day of learning on Saturday, November 4 in Chesley. The sessions will take place from 9:30am until 3:30pm at the Bluewater School Board offices just north of the village. A light lunch is included and the cost is only $20 to help defray costs. The school is completely non-partisan (local government always is), and so it's a great place for women to begin - and find a role in helping to shape the communities in which they live. Register here!sley

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