A group of twenty-four striking Georgian College faculty issued the following statement today: "This strike is not about a salary increase. Faculty are forfeiting their pay and picketing to secure quality full time employment for current contract workers and future college graduates. This is a watershed moment. Our goal is to turn the tide against the alarming increase in precarious work across Ontario. It's about doing the right thing".

The College Employer Council (CEC) which represents all twenty-four of Ontario's community colleges has asked the Ontario Labour Relations Board to schedule a vote for the striking faculty and the vote has been set for November 14 to 16.

Both sides had indicated that they were close to a settlement when the request for a vote was made.  The CEC has asked for the strike to be suspended until the vote can be held.

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) the union representing the faculty, says that the issue of academic freedom remains on the table, and is encouraging its members to vote "no" to an offer it maintains "significantly undermines the provisions we were able to negotiate to protect against the abuse of contract faculty."

Georgian College faculty have remained on the picket line since the strike began October 16, a period that included the school's reading week.






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