bureaucracy- by Shea Angus

Today Parliament has been recalled to pass some form of emergency funding for the entire country as we try to navigate the situation unfolding with COVID-19.

There have been a variety of measures proposed to offer financial relief to Canadians as more and more businesses are shutting down and Canadians are staying home to flatten the curve and slow the spread of COVID-19. Currently, the Liberals plan to. . .

Influenza Pandemic Masked TypistNobody ever wanted or expected to find the world in the situation it is as we face perhaps one of the greatest challenges in over one-hundred years. Just over one-hundred years ago the world reeled after a devastating world war directly into an influenza pandemic that killed millions.

The front line shifted from the battlefront to places of care. One hundred years ago these. . .

covidgraph- by Shea Angus

I am currently in Day 7 of my 14 day quarantine. My friend’s mom had been in contact with the first confirmed case of COVID-19 to hit Bruce-Grey. Before this was known, my friend and I had gone out for dinner to celebrate another friend’s birthday. I felt like I was safe ...

farm safety- by Debra Pretty-Straathof, Director, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

Safety on the farm is important every day of the year. The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association designates one week in March each year to celebrate ag safety week and raise awareness of the importance of working...




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