beavervalleyAlexSpiegel- by Alex Speigel and Chari Cohen

We are writing in response to the virtual presentation The Planning Partnership made on December 8 concerning the Beaver Valley development. We offer the following personal comments on the initial proposal  presented ...

michaelcraig– by Michael Craig, Public School Trustee

As a recently elected trustee on the Bluewater District School Board, I have a lot to learn. One key role of the Board, as I see it, is to assess and critique the system’s level of success in responding to students’ needs.

In particular, how is the Board delivering the basic curriculum – everything from maths and sciences to reading and language arts, from auto mechanics and computer programming to advanced agricultural skills?

And beyond that, how are ...

citycouncilsmallRebound Owen Sound believes an informed citizenry will help the City become more resilient and sustainable. To that end, they offer this review of the last council meeting of the 2018 - 2022 term.  The new term begins today, with the swearing in of the new council at the Harmony Centre, followed by a reception. The public is more than welcome.

November 7, 2022. Note: Councillor Hamley was not in attendance ...

constructionfarmlandThe Ontario government will rush to build 1.5 million homes ... a planner will be a point person and a climate lens might be a good tool, but what can the public do?

What we can do to support appropriate, smart land use with climate action?


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