chocolate cupcakes - by Laura Buckler

And now, it's time for my friendly reminder about how to avoid overeating during this particularly stressful holiday season.

Don't avoid it.

Here's the thing: You mean to tell me that all this time we've been working hard, taking our money to the grocery store after work, buying all the groceries, loading them in the car, unloading and organizing them at home, meal planning, cooking dinner every night, making every snack, every school lunch, taking care of every backyard barbecue, every social event and holiday, not to mention cleaning up after, and yet we're not supposed to eat any of it because OMG women are supposed to always be on some crazy diet and god forbid! if you gain an ounce?

Oh hell no. You can take all that outside and set it on fire, thanks.

I know what you're thinking though. But I want to be healthy like our ancestors! I want to only eat kale and no processed garbage! I'm ok with dying by age 35 of malnutrition if childbirth doesn't get me first! I get it. I really do, but the truth is, your ancestors would have straight up beaten you over the head to steal your six pack of Lindor chocolates from your Swiss chalet festive special, so why are we even pretending?.....


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