-Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound NDP

Albertans are clearly not afraid of New Democrats. They elected a majority NDP government in their provincial election last night and reduced the Progressive Conservative to third place.

But Conservatives should not have been surprised if they had paid attention to what Albertans are thinking ...

higher taxes for those who can afford it
higher taxes for corporations
higher royalty rates on oil
less dependence on oil as an economic driver
deficit is not as important as services
increase funding for child care
do more to reduce greenhouse emissions

All good Canadian values. All federal NDP policies.

Add to that the failure of the Conservatives to heed Peter Lougheed's sage advice on the oil sands—"Slow down. Behave like an owner. Collect our fair share. Save for a rainy day. And clean up the mess."

Alberta has the lowest royalty rate of just about any resource owner and when the price of oil fell, they had nothing to back up their petro-economy. The federal Conservatives collect only taxes from oil sands producers and that revenue has all but evaporated. Contrast that with Norway which has nearly a trillion dollars in their oil revenue fund.

Expect a thorough review of key Conservative policies in Alberta. But also expect moderate, hopeful and inclusive government. As Tommy Douglas liked to say, "The best way to protect democracy is to make it work."

source: David McLaren, federal NDP candidate, Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound

            Jim McPherson, BGOS NDP, former NDP fundraiser in Alberta



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