- by Laura Buckler

Oh hell no!
Not now you don't.
You don't get to sit there, clutching your pearls, being all shocked and horrified at the number of 'me too' statuses on Facebook.
When you were wagging your finger at your daughter's short skirt, concerned that she was 'just asking for it', asking to be raped if she showed too much skin, because boys like to rape girls like that, you don't think your sons heard that too?
When you held your daughter's face under the bathroom tap and scrubbed her make up off, because 'No daughter of mine is leaving this house looking like a street walking whore', you don't think your sons saw you calling their sister a whore?
When you and your gossipy church friends got all high and mighty and called those girls sluts because look at those curves! Obviously they have zero morals and probably sleep around, you don't think your creepy ass husbands heard your stories and secretly wondered just how slutty, exactly, are these girls in question.
When you place more value on your daughters virginity than life itself (like, consensual sex with her boyfriend is above axe murder, settings houses on fire, and kicking puppies), who is she supposed to talk to about being repeatedly bullied into unwanted sex by said boyfriend? Or does she just keep quiet. Besides, once she's married, it's like none of this ever happened.
When your kid is being bullied and harassed by boys at school, but the bullying and harassment is worse at home, where do you think the boys learned their shenanigans in the first place?
Thanks but no thanks.
I don't want your horrified shock.
I want you to stop being part of the problem.



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