- by Richard Thomas

As the organizer of the Beards for Bucks Shave Off, the ultimate responsibility for the day is mine.

There's been criticism of the event based on pictures that have seen in the media. These photos were staged, and are not representative of the overall organization of the event.

As you've observed, the event raised money for PPE for front line health care workers. There was no audience, and it was streamed on Facebook Live.

Beards were trimmed one at a time. The other participants waited out of doors for their turn and maintained their social distance. Those who chose to wore masks while they were waiting. Members of the media wore masks; hospital foundation staff wore masks, and the few family members in attendance wore masks.

The clippers used were sanitized between each use. The stylist, who wore a mask, hand sanitized between each beard. Each participant was given a clean cape while being shaved. Hand sanitizer was available at the door to the facility.

When the stylist offered to do the shaving, I made the call. At the time, it seemed to be a better choice to minimize the length of time each individual would spend unmasked in an indoor environment

On two occasions, the media requested group shots, one before and one after. At those points, the group did move a little closer together than social distancing allows, and in retrospect, I should have given that a little more thought.

Overall, however, I feel comfortable that the event minimized the risks to all participants, while at the same time raising money for an important cause.

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