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Alex Ruff Official PortraitThis past Sunday in London, Ontario four members of a Muslim family were killed, and a nine-year-old boy remains in hospital with serious injuries in what police have described as a targeted hate crime. In response, MP Alex Ruff has released the following statement:

“Racism and hate have no place in Canada. Period. I am angered, frustrated, dismayed, and disappointed with the coward who perpetrated this act of terror against the Muslim family in London, Ontario.

“I agree with the Honourable Erin O’Toole, all Canadians must ‘stand with the Muslim community and reaffirm our commitment to build a country that is free from hatred, where Canadians of all faiths can live without fear of violence or persecution.’

“I’ll repeat what I’ve stated publicly in the past: I've spent my whole adult life serving and standing up for all Canadians while defending our interests both here in Canada, and around the globe. I have seen first-hand what happens in countries that use hate, race, and religion, to treat others as inferior.

“Canada and Canadians can and must do better. Stop the hate. Stop the racism. Treat others like you expect to be treated yourself.”

source: media release, MP Alex Ruff


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