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classroomPlanning is already underway for education funding for the 2022-23 school year, and the Ministry of Education is looking for input from stakeholders on five key areas:

Mental health supports: Are Ministry supports helping school boards meet the needs of their students?

The Learning Opportunities Grant: Two-thirds of this funding for students who are at greater risk of poor academic achievement is currently based on 2006 Census data. What is the best way to update it, and should the demographic component be focused on specific outcomes?

Urban and Priority High Schools: This funding currently goes to 12 school boards with a high proportion of urban schools. However, provincial demographics are changing. What factors should be considered in updating the school board list? How can the Ministry ensure the funding is spent on “academically challenged at-risk students”?

The New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP): Currently new teachers are evaluated twice in their first 12 months of employment. Should the funding boards receive to support new teachers and teacher evaluations be updated?

Reducing administration costs and red tape: What more could be done to reduce red tape in the education sector, and address overlap or duplication in funding and reporting?
Provide your input by November 26, 2021 by email: [email protected]

source: media release, People for Education


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