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Hello Mr. Byers

I have read further the critiques of Bill 23. They are quite damning. Owen Sound has already changed its official plan to allow the infill and additions to existing residences.

The rest of the Bill is gravy for developers, and places a large burden on existing homeowners because development fees will be lost to municipalities. There is already plenty of land zoned for residential development that is idle, while strategic parcels of greenbelt land recently purchased by friends and supporters of the Conservative government will be rezoned and developed.

I attended the installation of the new Owen Sound City Council, and each member swore they would take no pay, gifts, or favours to influence their Council decisions. I assume Ontario MPPs took a similar oath, and I would ask you to help them uphold that oath, and not be influenced to make bad choices for the people of Ontario. Drop Bill 23.

Ted Stewart, Owen Sound




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