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In honour of HM King Charles III’s coronation as The King of Canada, Alex Ruff, MP will be accepting nominations to recognize 20 deserving people for their service to the community with a Coronation Pin. Constituents of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound can be nominated by completing the form attached and then either mailing, dropping off or emailing the completed form to: [email protected]. Submissions will be accepted until 7 July 2023.

Strong nominations will include a description of how the nominee contributed to the community through conservation, or collaboration, and/or compassion, and should include detailed substantiation (including letters of support, news article references, and other documents). Separate letters or attachments are acceptable with the submission.

Questions regarding how to nominate an individual can be directed to MP Ruff’s office at [email protected] or 519-371-1059.

source: media release, Alex Ruff MP



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