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Den Tandt01Re Leigh Grigg’s letter Oct. 8, “A Cautionary Tale About Strategic Voting:”

Mr. Grigg writes: “… with a minority government looming and a climate ...

all candidates meeting- by Lynne Lundberg, special to OwenSoundHub

The Owen Sound and District Chamber of Commerce All Candidates Meeting held at the Bayshore on October 2, was opened promptly at 7 because it was being filmed live by Rogers. At least half of the capacity audience were seniors.

Although this was an information meeting and not a debate...

ACMchamber- by Lynne Lundberg, Special to the OwenSoundHub

Questions prepared by the Owen Sound Chamber of Commerce at the October 2 all candidates meeting were read and responded to with the order of candidate’s responses changing with every question. What follows is a synopsis of the answers attributed to the candidates by name rather than by party.

Chamber Question 1: What support programs and/or other initiatives...

ACMaudience- by Lynne Lundberg, Special to Owen Sound Hub

The third part of our coverage of the all candidates meeting hosted by the Owen Sound Chamber of Commerce. Part 1, Part 2

Audience Question 1: What specific actions do you have in mind to further reconciliation with Indigenous people in our riding?

DenTandt seniorsIndependent researchers at Laval University in Montreal have been assessing how governments fulfil their promises since ...


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