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Salim Mansur joined our team yesterday as candidate for London North Centre. He’s a prestigious Canadian university professor, who spent decades warning ...

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Michael Den Tandt, former editor of the Sun Times and founding publisher of the Owen Sound Hub, was chosen this evening to be the Liberal candidate for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound in October's federal election.

It was a contested nomination; a three-way race that saw the party's supporter base...

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Liberal members will be deciding June 13th who will be their candidate for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound for this fall's federal election. The meeting will be held at the Harry Lumley Bayshore, with speeches beginning at 7:00, and voting to follow.

The public is welcome to come to hear from the three ...

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The People's Party of Canada’s platform for the October 2019 general election is being progressively unveiled. Today, we invite you to read our policy proposal on global warming and the environment.

The Liberal government is spending billions of dollars at home and abroad to fight global warming—or “climate change” ...

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Supply management is a government-imposed cartel that keeps the prices of dairy, poultry, and eggs artificially high through the control of production, the banning of imports, price fixing, and the prevention of competition in the market.

The system forces producers to buy quotas which...


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