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As I await the election results this evening I am finally able to reflect on the campaign. The odds are stacked against me to win this thing there is no question about that. But, my aim was never to “win" this political popularity contest, it was to offer a new way of thinking and offer a new way of dealing with our common societal problems.

I would like to take the time to recognize the following people who without their help this campaign would never have started:

  1. Wendy Fink, my wife and official agent. Also, the only person who hates politics more than me.
  2. Maureen Evans, my mother in law who plastered Highway 21 from Allenford to Owen Sound with Libertarian signs.
  3. Larry Zalmers, the President of our newly minted EDA.
  4. Cam from Wiarton who sent me a wonderful letter of support after watching the Owen Sound all candidates event.
  5. Jordan and Joel who came all the way to Owen Sound from the Saugeen First Nation to learn about libertarianism. Miigwech.
  6. Brad from Wiarton who spread the gospel according to liberty whether people were listening or not.
  7. And to everyone brave enough to vote for real change and vote for the Libertarian Party of Canada. It takes true guts to back a longshot and resist the siren song of “strategic voting”.

Thank you all and know that the Libertarian Party of Canada, the Ontario Libertarian Party, and the Libertarian Movement in general is back with a vengeance and here to stay. Let’s grow that 1% together and fulfill the grand plan of the Libertarian Movement where we take over the government and leave you alone.

Dan Little
Libertarian Party of Canada
Ontario Libertarian Party


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