On Wednesday, Dec. 14, at approximately 3:09 p.m. the Owen Sound Police along with Fire and EMS attended the 700 block of 9th Avenue East regarding a 2-vehicle collision.

The investigation revealed that a driver had pulled out from a private drive and made a left turn across two lanes of traffic. At the time, the driver of a vehicle which was stopped in the curb lane waved the other driver to proceed with his turn not realizing there was an oncoming vehicle in the left lane. 

The collision caused extensive damage to both vehicles and two persons were transported to hospital with minor injuries.  

This is the second collision in the past 24 hours where a driver, attempting to be kind and waved a vehicle through on a left turn that resulted in a collision.

Police want to discourage this type of action as you are not in control of all lanes of traffic.

source: media release, OSPS




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