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On Monday, May 8, an Owen Sound man was notified of the successful delivery of a package containing a uniquely identifiable item that he had ordered online from Amazon.

Prior to him retrieving the item from the front of his residence, the package was stolen. The value of the stolen item was approximately $350.

The victim began a proactive search on various online marketplace sites and located his property which had been posted for sale shortly after the theft had occurred.

The victim reported the matter to Owen Sound Police who initiated an investigation. 

As part of the investigation, a police officer, posing as an interested buyer, contacted the offender on May 14 and arrangements were made to purchase the stolen item at an agreeable meeting location in downtown Owen Sound.

Police subsequently attended at the pre-arranged time and place and arrested the offender. The stolen item was recovered from the offender by officers at the time of the arrest.

A 36-year-old Owen Sound man is charged with theft, trafficking in stolen goods and possession of stolen goods for the purpose of trafficking.

The accused is scheduled to appear at the Ontario Court of Justice in June to answer to the charges.


source: media release, OSPS

Note on image: if thieves dressed in red plus-fours and Amazon delivered in bright green bags (like the Rocking Horse!)  these thefts might draw more attention from neighbours!


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