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Members from the Grey Bruce Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), West Region Traffic Incident Management and Enforcement Team (TIME) and OPP Aviation Services will be conducting traffic enforcement using patrols from the sky this long weekend.

Members will continue their regular enforcement efforts, but with the added eye in the sky, enforcement efforts involving our Aviation Unit will specifically target speeding, stunt driving and aggressive driving.

OPP Helicopter

The Grey Bruce OPP have already seen nine stunt drivers' year to date, and as the weather improves, and summer comes into full swing, so does traffic on our roadways.

Motorists travelling to destinations are reminded to always follow all traffic laws, and plan for unexpected delays. Those caught driving 40 kilometres per hour or more over the speed limit on roads with a speed limit of less than 80 kilometres per hour, OR those caught driving 50 kilometres per hour or more over the speed limit on roads with an 80 kilometer per hour or more speed limit may face stunt driving charges.

Drivers charged with stunt driving are subject to:

  • an immediate 30-day driver's licence suspension
  • an immediate 14-day vehicle impoundment at roadside (whether it is your vehicle or not)
  • upon conviction a minimum fine of $2,000 and a maximum fine of $10,000
  • upon conviction a jail term of up to six months
  • a post-conviction licence suspension of:
  • a minimum of one year and a maximum of three years for the first conviction
  • a minimum of three years and a maximum of 10 years for a second conviction
  • a lifetime suspension, reducible after 10 years under certain criteria, for a third conviction
  • a lifetime suspension, non-reducible, for a fourth and subsequent convictions
  • six demerit points
  • a mandatory driver improvement course, upon conviction

The Grey Bruce OPP are wishing everyone a happy and safe long weekend! Let's all continue to play our part in contributing to road safety.


source: media release, Grey Bruce OPP


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