On Saturday, May 27, an Owen Sound woman contacted police to report that her wallet had been stolen in a distraction theft.

The woman had just entered her vehicle in an east side parking lot when an unknown woman got her attention by knocking on her window. The suspect then advised the victim that there was something wrong with her rear tire.

The woman exited her vehicle and the suspect directed her attention to the rear tire and produced a tack in her hand.

While she was distracted examining the tack a second female suspect entered the car and stole the victim’s wallet.

The victim realized the theft approximately thirty minutes later and learned that her credit card had been used to make purchase totaling $800. The perpetrators appear to target individuals who carry purses and/or when their hands are holding parcels.

Police are aware of similar incidents occurring in various areas of southern Ontario. Police urge citizens to alert friends and family about this type of incident and to remain vigilant in protecting your property.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Constable Ninniss at 519.376.1234 or Crime Stoppers.


source: media release, OSPS



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