Thanks to all the players, coaches and trainers of our Owen Sound North Stars girls field lacrosse teams for sharing your weekend results with us.

Owen Sound North Stars Girls U11A field lacrosse team, played four hard fought games Sunday in Halton Hills. Thanks to Coach Jeremy and Trainer Heather for leading the girls to a great start.

In the first game of the season, after a year long break and only 6 practices, the girls started off strong, winning against the Beaches with a score of 5-1. Scoring their first goals of the season were: Reese Holman (2), Ella Todd (2), Avery Thompson and Ava Ward. A strong showing in net, for the first time, was Harper Lines. She continued as goal tender for the remaining 3 games making some great saves!

The second game saw another hard fought battle against Orangeville, with Owen Sound coming out on top with a win of 3-2. Scoring for Owen Sound was: Ella Todd (3).

The third game was against Oakville. The girls played hard and didn't let up even when it started to rain. Although Owen Sound didn't come out with a win, the score was 10-1 for Oakville, the girls were always positive. Owen Sound goal: Ella Todd.
The last game, against Oshawa started and ended in the rain, but that didn't dampen the girls' spirits. The girls fought hard, but lost 14-2. Owen Sound goals: Ella Todd (2).

Well done girls! Lots of great teamwork and assists! Looking forward to seeing what you can do next week-end.

Game 1: Owen Sound vs Beaches- Owen Sound won 5-1. Goals scored: Reese Holman (2); Ella Todd (2); Avery Thompson and Ava Ward. In net: Harper Lines

Game 2: Owen Sound vs Orangeville- Owen Sound won 3-2. Goals scored: Ella Todd (3). In net: Harper Lines.

Game 3: Owen Sound vs Oakville- Oakville won 10-1. Goals scored: Ella Todd. In net: Harper Lines.

Game 4: Owen Sound vs Oshawa- Oshawa won 14-2. Goals sscored: Ella Todd (2). In net: Harper Lines.

Owen Sound Northstars U19-2 girls won their division today. They won all 4 games.

Vs beaches 2  22-12
Vs Orangeville 2 19-13
Semis vs Oakville 2 14-10
Then final vs Orangeville 2 13-9

U19 A Girls Field lacrosse team from Saturday, July 10th. Ontario Women’s Field Lacrosse 6 v 6 play:

Game 1 Owen Sound (11) - vs Toronto Beaches (12)

Game 2 Owen Sound (21) - vs Orangeville (21)

Game 3 Owen Sound (16) - vs Oakville (20)

Game 4 Owen Sound (12) - vs Oshawa (27)

Wins - 0 Loss - 3 Tied - 1 



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