By Doug Townsend

VARNEY - Although there was a nip of fall in the air you would never have known it by the hot action this past Saturday night at Full Throttle Motor Speedway. V8 Thunder Stocks provided their share of the excitement as the two heavyweights in this class #17 Tristan Gill from Waterloo and #01 Brandon McConnell from Tara would square off on the high banks.

In feature one McConnell would take advantage of starting on the pole with Gill lining up right behind him on the inside lane. From the drop of the green McConnell's race plan was clear, catch me if you can, and that's all Gill could do as track position played a key role in this race as he could get to the back bumper but McConnell's line was flawless allowing no room for Gill to get past. Third in this feature would go to #27 Mark Ruthvan from Tiverton, followed in fourth by #5 Dave Grey Jr. from Hanover and rounding out the top five #05 Steve Brook from Hillsburg.

In feature two it would be #27 Mark Ruthvan with the advantage of starting on the pole but it wasn't long before he would be chased down by #17 Tristan Gill followed close behind by #01 Brandon McConnell. Then after a lap twelve caution with Gill on the inside and McConnell on the outside the show down was on, and on the restart both cars entered corner one and two even with neither driver giving the other one an inch then it happened both cars touched and then into the wall. Gill's night would be done along with #5 Dave Grey Jr. who got collected as Gill and McConnell came off the wall.

McConnell's car received heavy damage to the right front side but after some quick work by his crew was able to rejoin the race before the green would fly again. On the restart #27 Mark Ruthvan would find again find himself on the pole and this time he would make no mistakes as he would ride it all the way to the checker for his first feature win this season. Second would go to #01 Brandon McConnell, third 05 Steve Brook, fourth #13 Scott Weir from Kitchener and fifth #44 Larry Anderson from Holstein. For video of this race please go to Full Throttle Motor Speedway on You Tube or follow the link

Pro Late Model action also saw its own two car battle this week as top runners #11 Cole Weber from New Hamburg and #1 Kent Nuhn from Desboro would square off. Feature one would see Weber start outside pole to the strong #76 of Tyler Williams from Chesley but Weber would get the jump on the outside with Williams's right behind. Things would remain this way until lap nine when Nuhn was able to work his way around Williams for second but he would not have time to catch Weber because just as he was in position to make a move Weber would use lapped traffic to his advantage as this feature would go caution free.

This one would end up Weber, Nuhn, Williams then for fourth it would be #77 Tim Gordon from Guelph and for fifth #40 Mark Dixon from Durham. Feature two would see local racer #40 Mark Dixon on the pole in hopes of track position working in his favor on way to a checker flag. A caution on lap five for contact between the #76 of Tyler Williams and the #17 of Kyle Woods would bring the field back together as Dixon would find company beside him in the name of Kent Nuhn. Nuhn would get the jump on the restart and Dixon would settle in behind him only to find Cole Weber in his mirror and two laps later Weber would take over second place and set his sites on #1 Kent Nuhn but there would be no catching him this time as Nuhn's car was on rails for this feature. In the end it would be Nuhn, Weber followed in third by #40 Mark Dixon, fourth would be #77 Tim Gordon followed in fifth by #76 Tyler Williams.

Mini Stocks this week would see the #35 Tim Tolton from Guelph continue to make his presents know at the front of a strong field of entries at Full Throttle. In feature one Tolton would jump to the early lead until he was caught by the speedy #36 of Corry Young from Owen Sound as they would battle side by side for five laps before Young was able to make the pass. Tolton would settle in behind Young and look for an opening then with a caution on lap eighteen it would set up the fan favorite, green, white, checker finish. With Young on the inside and Tolton on the outside Young was able to get the jump and keep Tolton at bay on way to his first checker of the night.

Third would go to #73 Scott Schluter from Milverton who also has been able to turn his season around of late with some strong runs. Fourth this time was #7 Paul Boyd from Harriston and rounding out the top five #51 Clark Hartman from Waterloo. In feature two #51 Clark Hartman was hoping to turn around his fifth place finish with a checker flag starting on pole but he know the #36 of Corry Young was lined up right behind him. As it turned out this race would go caution free as Young was able to make his way around Hartman by lap three and never look back as his car seemed to come alive in the cool night air. The battle this race would be for second as #51 Hartman was able to hold of the hard charging #35 of Tim Tolton, fourth would go to #73 Scott Schluter and for fifth it would be #86 Matt Clarke from Mount Forest.

Pure Stock action saw a smaller then normal car count but that did not take away from the close pack racing that this class is known for as all competitors are so evenly matched. In feature one it would be a season veteran #14 Luke Bos from Conn up against #41 Jeremie Dugury from Hanover in a new car this week after blowing a motor two weeks ago in his first race. This race saw Bos lead the field for the first four laps until a caution brought everyone together again then this time it would be Dugury for the next six laps until Bos was able to get around him as he went high in corner two and Bos would not look back on way to the first checker of the night. He would be followed by Dugury, then #0 Bill Clarke from Mount Forest for third, fourth would be #4 Jesse Lamont from Hanover and rounding out the top five #98 Ben Klages from Hanover. In feature two #01 Travis Farrow from Dromore would take advantage of starting on pole as he would go all the way for a checker flag after not finishing the first feature. The battle in this feature was clearly for second as #4 Jesse Lamont was doing everything he could to hold off #14 Luke Bos and #0 Bill Clarke then with just four laps to go the center of his right front rim would let go sending his car hard into the wall coming out of corner four. In the end this feature would end up #01 Travis Farrow, followed by #14 Luke Bos, third would be #9 Sandy Eccles from Ayton, fourth #0 Bill Clarke and fifth #85 Will Walker from Ayton.

The next racing action at Full Throttle will be this coming Friday Sept 12 at 7:30 with Open Wheel Modified, Mini Stock, Pure Stock Crazy Trains and the return of Street Stock racing to this part of Ontario. For complete details check out the web site or follow us on Facebook at Full Throttle.


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