By Doug Townsend

Varney, ON – This past Friday night marked the first "night of champions" in Full Throttle Motor Speedway history as points champions where crowned in each class. Also in the Pro Late Model class the Sgt. J Johannessen memorial trophy donated by Royal Engraving & Trophies was on the line for the best overall finisher for the night.

In Pro Late Model action #11 Cole Weber from New Hamburg started the night with a slim four point advantage over #1 Kent Nuhn from Desboro. In feature one Weber would start from the fourth position while Nuhn drew the number seven starting position. From the drop of the green Weber did not take long to get himself to the front while Nuhn got hung up in traffic back in the field. When it was over it would be #11 Cole Weber, second #77 Tim Gordon from Guelph, third #40 Mark Dixon from Durham, fourth #1 Kent Nuhn and rounding out the top five #76 Tyler Williams from Chesley. With his win Weber had put a seven point cushion between him and Nuhn. In feature two Nuhn knew what he had to do as he would lead every lap in this feature starting up front and all he could do was hope for trouble for the #11 of Cole Weber. But bad luck would not strike #11 this night as he was able to keep the leader in sight. At the checker it would be Nuhn followed by #77 Tim Gordon, third would be #76 Tyler Williams, fourth #11 Cole Weber and fifth #00 Trevor Thompson from Elmira. The final points in the season would end up #11 Cole Weber by 4 points over #1 Kent Nuhn, third would be #40 Mark Dixon, fourth #17 Kyle Woods out of Mount Forest and fifth #00 Trevor Thompson plus the overall points winner for the night and the winner of the Sgt. J. Johannessen trophy #77 Tim Gordon.

Mini-Stock-Corry-Young-fullIn the V8 Thunder Stock class points where not as close so drivers could focus on racing hard and that is what they did as a lot of emotion was shown this night for the fans to watch. In feature one it did take all that many laps for things to heat up in this one as #01 Brandon McConnell from Tara would jump out to the early lead and while #89 Shawn Chenoweth from Plattsville was chasing him down there would be contact in corner 1 putting #01 McConnell around and putting both drivers to the back for the restart. A few laps after the restart McConnell would again find himself in the middle of a mix up as the #27 Mark Fenton from Tiverton would get loose going around corner two hitting the wall and collection McConnell. In the end it would be #89 Shawn Chenoweth, second #81 Chris Van Dusen from Guelph, third #17 Tristan Gill from Waterloo, fourth #01 Brandon McConnell and rounding out the top five #05 Steve Brook from Hillsburgh. In feature two #89 Shawn Chenoweth would battle for the lead with #17 Tristan Gill as both drivers started on the front row and once Chenoweth had cleared Gill the race would sail along until contact between #01 Brandon McConnell and #81 Chris Van Dusen would bring out the caution in this race. When all was done in this feature it would be #89 Shawn Chenoweth making it two in a row followed by #17 Tristan Gill, third would go to #01 Brandon McConnell, fourth #81 Chris Van Dusen and fifth #27 Mark Fenton. Video of this race can be seen on You Tube by going to the Full Throttle Motor Speedway section or by following this link:

Points for the V8 thunder stock class would end up #17 Tristan Gill, second #05 Steve Brook followed by 5 Dave Gray Jr from Hanover, fourth #44 Larry Anderson from Holstein and fifth #01 Brandon McConnell.

In Mini Stock action #36 Corry Young from Owen Sound brought a 20 point lead into the last night of action but after selling his primary car after last weeks action and going to a back up car it opened the door for second place #51 Clark Hartman from Waterloo. In feature one it would be #86 Nick Clarke from Mount Forest going all the way in this one as he would lead from the drop of the green till the checker and in dong so would battle the whole race with driver starting second #73 Scott Schlueter out of Milverton. Third in this race would be #7 Brian Wilson from Rockwood, fourth #51 Clark Hartman and for fifth #34 TJ Edwards from Fergus. Feature two would turn out to be one of the races of the season in the Mini Stock class as for three quarters of this race it would be a tight three car race up front between #7 Brian Wilson, #86 Nick Clarke and the young gun #34 TJ Edwards then with six laps to go Edwards would cut a tire bringing out the caution and setting up a sprint to the finish. On the restart it would again turn into another three car race with #35 Bobby Tolton out of Guelph working over the two leaders. Then on the final lap #7 Brian Wilson and #86 Nick Clarke were working each other over all the way down the back straightaway causing both cars to go high in corner three allowing Tolton to dive low and beat Clarke to the line to steal the victory. Third in this race would go to #77 Phil Givens from Guelph, fourth #51 Clark Hartman, and fifth #7 Brian Wilson. Video of this great race can be seen on You Tube by going to the Full Throttle Motor Speedway section or by following this link: Points for the season would end up #36 Corry Young by 11 over #51 Clark Hartman, third would be #35 Tim Tolton, fourth #7 Paul Boyd and fifth #73 Scott Schlueter.

Pure Stock action saw a limited number of cars but as always they put on a great show for the fans. In feature one it would #73 Sheri McIntyre from Brucefield getting to the lead early and hanging on until she was tracked down by #14 Luke Bos who would make the pass for the lead. A lap eleven caution would bring the field back together again but it would be #14 Luke Bos back to the front until the checker he would be followed by #9 Sandy Eccles out of Ayton, third #73 Sheri McIntyre, fourth #12 Mike Wetlauffer out of Cambridge and fifth #8 Pat Farrow out of Shallow Lake. In feature two it was #41 Jeremie Duguay from Hanover who would jump to the early lead and looked like we was going to go all the way in this one until getting to high coming out of corner four slapping the wall hard and ending his night. From this point on it was again #14 Luke Bos out front and this feature would end with the same finish as feature one with Bos for the checker followed by #9 Sandy Eccles, third #73 Sheri McIntyre, fourth #12 Mike Wetlauffer and fifth #8 Pat Farrow. Points for the Pure Stock class would end up #14 Luke Bos, #17 Nick Clarke, third #01 Travis Farrow, fourth #43 Joey Schouten and fifth #34 Don Tremble.

Crazy Trains also wrapped up there points for the season with double features in feature one it was Rockford Rednecks followed by Texas Traincar Massacre, third Jonathon Bates Roofing and fourth Confused Till We Die. In feature two it was Texas Traincar Massacre taking this one with second going to Jonathon Bates Roofing, third Confused Till We Die and fourth Rockford Rednecks. Overall points for the season would end up Rockford Rednecks, second Texas Traincar Massacre, third Jonathon Bates Roofing, fourth Here We Go, and fifth Road Rage Therapy.

Although this was the wrap up of the points there is still a lot of great racing action to come at Full Throttle this fall starting Friday night with V8 Thunder Stocks, Street Stocks, Mini Stocks, Pure Stocks and Crazy Trains with all the action starting at 7:30. For complete details be sure and check out the website at or follow us on Facebook at Full Throttle.


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