daylight choir

Our first sing-in at the Ginger Press Cafe was a lot of fun. Singing is really good for the spirit! Someone said as they were leaving, Well that was a great way to start the day! And it really is.

Singing with other people has lots of benefits. It elevates your mood, takes your mind off your problems, gives you a good hit of oxygen, and opens your heart. True singing therapy!

The Daylight Choir is non-performing and mostly paperless, so you definitely don't need to read music. Everything is taught by ear. The "drop-in" part means that you pay by the time, and don't have to pay if you miss. Three toonies or $6 each time you come, or less if that's a challenge.

Please tell people about the Daylight Choir.

Just drop in, any Tuesday morning at 10:30, at the Ginger Press.

It really IS a great way to start the day!!

source: media release, The Daylight Drop-in Choir


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