BINGO BINGO BINGO BINGO (One line hardway, full card) is a video installation by William Andrew Finlay Stewart. In the windows of the closed bingo hall on 2nd Ave. East are projected four sets of bingo cards, each being played by the artist using a different colour dauber. The numbers are not called at random though, but rather as an extended countdown from 75. The game is played out slowly, so that the entire video extends from sunset to sunrise, a full 12 hours. Once the first line is completed (a bingo the hard bingocardsway, i.e. not using the free space) the free space is stamped and the game continues until one or more players complete a full card.

In many ways this piece is like a painting, the artist's hand making a series of ink marks on paper, but here it is played out over time as well as space. Each time viewers encounter the piece throughout the night the image and experience will be different.

William Andrew Finlay Stewart is an artist from Owen Sound, now based in Toronto. He holds a BFA from OCAD University in Sculpture and Installation and Integrated Media.

He has shown nationally and internationally, including the Art Gallery of Ontario, and Toronto's Nuit Blanche and Luminato festivals. He helped run the the year-long Artists' Newsstand project at Chester subway station, and is part of the team that organizes the Long Winter series of festivals.

This week-long installation of BINGO BINGO BINGO BINGO (One line hardway, full card) is a project of the Scenic City Film Festival, running this year September 29 to September 30.

source: Artist's Statement by William Andrew Finlay Stewart (yes, the son of the editor of


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