- by Paul Vanwyck

OWEN SOUND- The City of Owen Sound's attempt to block the sale of the object known as the 'Serpent's Tooth' has failed.

In her judgement yesterday in Ontario Superior Court, Justice Vera Dict wrote that the city had no claim over the tooth, a 10 cm long tooth-shaped object said to have been found at the bottom of Owen Sound's harbor. Many people say the tooth proves the existence of the lake monster known as the Owen Sound Serpent.

Local diver Jacob Autumn D'Wellor found the tooth and plans to auction it off through a New York auction house later this month.

"The city argued that if Mr. D'Wellor recovered the tooth near the wrecks of three ships that were found in 2015 near the city's Waste Water Plant that he was obliged to report it as if he'd salvaged it from one of those ships," said his lawyer Sue Richmon.

"The judge disagreed. She ruled that since a tooth of this kind was most likely lost there by a creature native to these waters that Mr. D'Wellor's find was akin to finding a bird feather on a beach. The proximity to the ship wrecks was irrelevant."

Richmon said her client was pleased with the judge's decision.

"Mr. D'Wellor has been told that the 'Serpent's Tooth' could sell for more than $10,000 since it is such a unique find, and that it may finally prove the existence of lake monsters. He's told me that he believes he found the tooth because it is his destiny, that fate was ensuring a level of financial security for him. He's very excited he'll be able to sell it at auction."

A local group has already begun an on-line campaign to raise money to buy the tooth. According to their Gimme page the group would like to work with the Waterfront Heritage Centre and the people at the Owen Sound Serpent facebook page to publicly display the tooth.

The group says they'd like to have possession of the tooth in time for the Owen Sound Mini ComiCon at the Owen Sound & North Grey Union Public Library on May 5th. To achieve that they'll need to raise a lot of money between now and the auction.

Their plans may also be derailed if the City chooses to appeal the decision, but so far they've released no statement on their next step.



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