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OWEN SOUND – The 'Serpent's Tooth' will be up for auction Wednesday April 18th in New York.

According to a press release from lawyer Sue Richmon, who represents Jacob Autumn D'Wellor, the local diver who found the tooth, the City has abandoned any claim to the mysterious object.

"City solicitor Joan Greenborough told me today that the city will no longer pursue any legal claim to the 'Serpent's Tooth', clearing the way for it to be auctioned," Richmon wrote.

Greenborough confirmed the City's decision by e-mail this morning but otherwise declined comment at this time.

The 'Serpent's Tooth' was found by D'Wellor in the Owen Sound harbor near the Waste Water Treatment Plant. Many believe it is the tooth of the local mythical lake monster, the Owen Sound Serpent.

D'Wellor claims to have found the tooth in 2013, two years before a group of shipwrecks were discovered during preparations for upgrades to the treatment plant.

"We're excited to bring this piece to auction," said Anne Tiquities, the auctioneer at Monstrous Auctions. "We expect interest from many museums and universities, as well as private collectors. I've already spoken to New York's Will Twodew and Collin Bidders from Europe, and I can tell you they'd be happy to 'bite' on this item!"

All this interest may drive the final price out of the range of a local group looking to purchase the tooth and keep it in the area.

"At this point we've raised $20, 000 in pledges," said Jess Sumguy, who's been working the phones for the group. "I just hope that we'll be successful on the 18th."

image: artist's rendering of discovery of the tooth

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