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walkingDear Mayor Boddy and Members of City Council,

I have gone through the correct channels with city staff to request the Bayshore be open again for walkers upstairs. Having received a reply from Ms. Coulter that no, it is not possible, I was prepared to appear before City Council on November 16th to ask for a motion to be passed directing staff to open the facility for us to walk now. I have been met with so many obstacles from staff I have decided not to attend the November 16th meeting as a deputation.

There are a large number of citizens who have appreciated the ability to walk in the winter months in a safe, clean, accessible location for many years at the Bayshore.

With Covid 19 taking so many regular activities away from especially seniors, mental and physical health activities are so important to relieve isolation and stress.

I have been in contact with Dr. Arra who is very supportive of my appeal. In fact, he offered to come to Council with me when I presented my request.

This letter is my personal request but it is supported by so many in the community. Please act now to support us by having the Bayshore available for walking upstairs now.

Yours truly,

Bernice Ackermann
Owen Sound


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