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My Brand New 2013 5’6” North Whip Kiteboard was taken ( a.k.a. Stolen ) today from the shoreline!

I was Kiting at the Main Beach at  Sauble Beach November 11, 2020. I was using an Ozone Reo 7m for most of the morning and then around 11:45am kiteboardwent to my vehicle that was parked across the street in the Municipal Parking Lot to switch to a 9m kite. I grabbed a quick bite and checked my phone for any messages.

When I returned to the shoreline I noticed that my Kite Surfboard was missing! I searched up and down the beach for close to an hour looking for it, but the wind was directly out of the west so there was NO possibility that the waves could have taken it.

I had just bought it the day before at Jack and Jills Surf Shop in Sauble Beach! 

These are stock photos. Please note that the board had black/yellow foot straps on it at the time.
Please message me, or call the police, if you have any information..........thanks!

Rick Reeves



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