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Hello Mr. Ruff

I have just read the June 24 Toronto Star article on General Hillier's mission to better equip and train Ukrainian fighters, especially the Territorial Defence Forces, the civilian volunteer militia . I agree strongly with his requests that Canada do more. I hope you can amplify his voice so that Ukrainian forces get what they need .
His asks are :

Modern military personal protection -helmut, goggles, boots, flak jacket.
Leopard tanks
The entirety of Canada's ("obsolete") M777 Howitzers
Reconnaissance and repair vehicles
Spare parts
Training these forces
Assist Ukraine set up a Department of Veterans' Affairs

I believe that Russian aggression must be stopped by Ukraine, or Russia will be emboldened to pick off countries formerly under Soviet Union control. That cannot be allowed to happen . Canada must say "not under my watch" and back it up.

Ted Stewart, Owen Sound



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