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I would like to respond to Ted Stewarts letter to Mr. Ruff re Canada's support of Ukraine.

May I respectfully suggest that Mr. Stewart put aside one valuable hour of his time to watch,  with an open mind, the following video, patience being a virtue!

Both Scott Ritter and Dr. Mearsheimer were commenting on this issue long before Russia's  special military operation in February of this year.  

I must also agree with John Pickett's assessment (below).

Frank Barningham, Owen Sound

The Ukrainian conflict is not Canada's war. We should help end it ASAP. Which means an arms boycott of the region similiar to what we did in the Balkans war of the 1990's. Canadian consumers are paying exhorbitant prices at the gas pumps and the grocery checkout thanks to our foreign policy.

The Globe and Mail had a writer state that Justin and Chrystia are taking their orders from the Ukrainian-Canadian Congress. Much to the detriment of the majority of Canadians. We need both the Russian and Ukrainian economies back on stream. Let's face it, the NA in NATO is for North Atlantic. NATO had no business expanding into Eastern Europe. In fact, Russian aggressian pales in comparison the the USA. Remember VietNam, Iraq, Libya?

John Pickett



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