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Dear Editor

A couple of weeks ago I heard that the eight pallbearers of the coffin of QEII have been awarded the “Royal Victorian Medal for service during the funeral”. I honestly think the people of England need to grasp hold of their perspective when it comes to awards.

There are millions of displaced people on this planet in 2023 that need the help of the privileged class, be it in England or the western world in general. Since 2014, 26,000 people have lost their lives in the Mediterranean trying to secure a better life. Surely the relief workers trying to help these poor people are far more deserving of an award than the eight coffin haulers.

It’s hard to see how the act of carrying a dead body in a box should entail any award. In the worst case scenario they drop the box – but the queen is already dead and unlikely to feel the resultant bump.

I’m surprised they didn’t go the full monte and give these brave fellows the Victoria Cross.

Gerard Walsh, Port Elgin



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